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Almost 3 years ago 2Pay4You Group began as a simple e-wallet solution offering basic cross-border payments, with multi-currency wallet options. Over the past few years new laws and EU Payment Directives have come into fruition. This was a tough period for e-wallet providers with many closing or merging due to the high cost of upgrading AML and Compliance systems and other regulatory polices to meet exacting European and International Standards.

We are proud that 2Pay4You Group not only survived this transition period but has year on year exceeded growth expectations. 2Pay4You Group is now licensed in the Czech Republic by the Czech National Bank and the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority.

2019 has been a year of inward investment and engaging a New Management Team to take 2Pay4You to the next stage of its growth. We now have offices in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and representative offices in Belize, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We will shortly be opening another representative office in Singapore. This will coincide with a new product launch for the Asian and Asia-Pacific markets in July.

The New Team brings over 40 years of payment industry experience to the table. Their job is to take 2Pay4you Group to the next stage of our growth which is to attain our Full Swiss Fintech Banking License by the end of 2019.

Every department has been expanded and upgraded to meet new EU Payment Service Directives (PSD2).

We have installed new automated systems for KYC, allowing most client KYC and KYB to been done within 24 hrs. ID verification systems linked to Global Government Databases to verify Passports and Country ID Documents has been installed and is constantly updated.

New Artificial Intelligence systems for monitoring fraud and other parameters has been installed to protect clients to an even greater level. Security is always number one priority.

2Pay4You Group has over the past year aligned itself with International Banking Partners, both in Europe and Asia to give our clients a true cross-border payment solution.

We are now launching our own online IBAN accounts to our Individual and Corporate clients. These IBAN accounts are personalised and fully controlled by the client like a high street bank account. We now offer SEPA and SWIFT payment transfers, along with Mastercard Debit Cards for every account holder.

Here at 2Pay4You we are aiming to bring tomorrow’s Fintech banking technology and global solutions to you our clients today.

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