• Multi-Currency Global

    The multi-currency global e-account offers flexibility, real-time payments and multiple options suitable for individuals and companies alike. Tomorrow’s payment solution here today.

Multi-currency global e-account is available to everyone. 2Pay4You offer fair pricing, best services and the widest range of payment modules for both deposit and withdrawal.


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Multi Currency Banking Accounts

You will have multiple currency accounts with 2pay4you where you can receive deposits worldwide from your customers, and send Withdrawals online worldwide.

Multi-Currency Global

You can open up to 50 E-Accounts in different currencies to help organize your bookkeeping. Sending of funds between your own E-Accounts in the same currency is free.

Receive Invoice Related Customers Funds

Customer can pay your invoices directly via wire into your new corporate numbered account at 2Pay4You. We won't reject invoice related payments as long as your business is reliable and fulfills the high standards for AML and KYC.

Fast Payments

As a corporate business you have access to BACS (UK), SEPA, Swift, PayPal’s global bank payment network.

Licensed Entities

Licensed financial institutions are welcome. Third party funding is accepted by 2Pay4You as long as you are a licensed, good standing entity

Offshore Business Customers

We accept customers / companies based offshore jurisdictions, incorporated under the IBC Acts as long as the Due Diligence requirements are satisfied

Select the Payments You Would Like To Accept

You can select what payment options you will offer to your clients. Depending on your business our API is fully customizable.

Bulk / Mass Payments

You will receive accounts from 2pay4you where you can easily do your daily payments via SWIFT or SEPA in and out.

Low Fees

2Pay4You offer fair pricing.

Automated Transaction Tracking System

2Pay4You also integrates an automated Transactional Tracking System for all incoming and outgoing transactions, which take place inside the 2Pay4You platform.

This system allows our individual and corporate clients to track in real-time incoming and outgoing transactions on their account.

Certain financial institution clients will be allowed to have their own logo and business address shown on the automatically generated tracking receipts.


We accept almost all kind of businesses as long the business carried out is reliable and the Due Diligence is clean and clear. Companies with Nominee Directors and Shareholders will be rejected.

Safety and Privacy

We do not share customer related data to any third parties, 2Pay4You is fully GDPR compliant and compliant with the UK data protection laws.