• Legal Disclaimer

    We want you to be informed. 

Read about our legal information for you as visitor and customer.

  • Introduction

    All deposits from customers of 2pay4you are located at known banks and trustees and are always ready for payment. The total deposits of 2pay4you are checked monthly to the end of the month by external auditors.

    This also applies to the revelance and accuracy of our website. The user will accept the risk that may be associated with the use of the Services. 2pay4you will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages that result from inaccurate payments or breaches of contract, failure of delivery, delayed delivery, incorrect use of the Service or for reasons of language barriers with impact.

  • Effectiveness of contract

    Users of this service may never use the service in any other way than stated in our user guidelines, which a user has to agree to upon opening his or her account. By signing up to the 2Pay4you services the customer accepts the entire terms and conditions of the contract. A download version of the contract can be obtained here. The contract is valid without signature, since all required data to verify and approve a customer will be submitted electronically. 2pay4you is carefully checking all provided data. If the customer fulfills all criteria and is clearly identified, 2pay4you will approve the account and enable access to all services. Please be noticed that without a valid passport or other government issued photo ID and a recent proof of address (not older than 3 months) 2pay4you can not approve the request for opening an account. The General Business Terms of 2pay4you can be obtained here.

  • General information

    All claims or disputes in relation to the service are subject to the laws of the Czech Republic. It is the user's responsibility to contact 2pay4you after receiving notifications pertaining to account bans. PLEASE NOTE-Accounts which lost money due to fraud, abuse or neglect may not have their funds reinstated.

    The following activities may lead to a permanent account ban:
    - financial fraud
    - creating accounts with stolen, altered or fraudulent personal identification or information
    - disregard of our guidelines
    - requesting a refund through your bank without previously contacting our customer service department
    - sending out SPAM e-mail
    - actual or suspected fraudulent activity of any kind.
    - creation of wrongful payment due to lack of coverage. False details pertaining to transactions including account number or bank code
    - excessive complaints pertaining to your account, business or service

  • Consumer Protection

    2pay4you is not responsible for eventual purchases through the system. Whenever customers purchase or sell an offer, MLM-program, matrix-website or other online-product or services they do so at their own risk. There is no warranty for refunds if the product, service or program is considered fraud or not to your satisfaction. You should check every transaction carefully before making decisions, purchasing products or utilizing services. 2pay4you is also not liable for any errors or delays that might occur in regards of wrongly submitted transfer details such as missing or wrong payment details, account numbers, SWIFT or BIC Codes or any other transfer related information. Furthermore 2pay4you is not to be held liable for any services that are provided and transmitted directly or indirectly to or through third parties or other payment processors or exchange platforms regardless of their nature. 

  • Restricted Activities

    Your information and your activities (including payments and received payments) through our service may not be false, imprecise or misleading. It may furthermore not be fraudulent or pertain to the sale of counterfeit or stolen items. You may not violate copyrights, patents, brands, business secrets or other personal property or rights within the public or private domain. You may also not violate any laws.

  • The countries we are giving service to

    2Pay4You only provides service in the countries displayed when registering through these URLs.

  • Anti money laundering Policies

    2pay4you supports all applicable anti money laundering rules and regulations. Customers from the European Union must abide to the EU's regulations. Members are advised to keep their account data up to date at all times. All accounts containing false or outdated information will be blocked.

    All submitted documents will be handled in strict confidence. If suspicion about willful abuse or support of illegal activities should arise, the user automatically rejects any rights to his or her security as pertains to their personal information.

  • Recording and saving infomation

    If during your visit on our website you navigate, read or download information, we will automatically record and store certain data regarding your visit. This information does not concern any personal data. We are automatically recording and saving only the following information about your visit: - your internet domain
    (if you are using a private account to access the world wide web) as well as your IP-address used to access our site (an IP address constitutes a number automatically allocated to each internet user upon accessing the WWW)

    - the type of browser and your computer's operating system used to access our website
    - the date and time of your access to our website
    - websites visited by you
    - data about which website linked you to our website, and the respective website's address. We will utilize this information to enhance our website's user experience and to determine the amount of visitors and type of visitors pertaining to the technology that is used to access our website. We will not track information pertaining to individuals and their visits and will not record such.

  • Changes

    2Pay4You is brand owned and operated by 2Pay4You Group s.r.o., Czech Republic licensed payment service provider
    regulated by Czech National Bank

    Date of the last modification: May, 15th, 2017.