• Features

    Diversity is Flexibility, be able to accept and create accounts in any Currency

Multi-Currency Global E-Account

2Pay4You offers the possibility to apply for a personal or corporate account with as many e-accounts as you may need. You can open e-accounts in any of the currencies that 2Pay4You has integrated. We are currently able to send and receive to over 200 countries worldwide.



In order to guarantee the highest possible security for our customer funds in line with financial regulations, the 2Pay4You Group has signed cooperation agreements with only regulated global banks.

The 2Pay4You Group offers a wide range of payment options ie. SEPA, Swift, Sofort, Giropay, PayPal as well as numerous ways for clients to deposit and receive funds to their account.


Automated Transactional Tracking System

2Pay4You also integrates an automated Transactional Tracking System for all incoming and outgoing transactions, which take place inside the 2Pay4You platform.

This system allows our individual and corporate clients to track in real-time incoming and outgoing transactions on their account.

Certain financial institution clients will be allowed to have their own logo and business address shown on the automatically generated tracking receipts.